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SANTAYANA is a contemporary artist born in St.-Petersburg, Rusia. Currently living and working in Spain.

Education: 1998 – 2003 graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts named after  V. Mukhina  of  St.-Petersburg. From 2004 working as a graphic designer and illustrator, also as a painter.

Style: The direction of SANTAYANA’S work can be described as an abstract expressionism style, which artist developed into her own personal sign language. In these abstract works, there is no clear structure, they are more expressive and emotional, but here the desire to express harmony and aesthetic beauty in simple forms is definitely inherent. Works are made out of refined colour, they are luminescent and organic, and their soft, blurred edges exuded life force. Painter trying to producing simple compositions with ovals, lines, soft-edged areas of colour with no obvious focus of attention, with the aim of producing a meditational response in the viewer.

Exhibitions: 2019 Participation in the exhibition “Art Love Festival” Union of artists of St. Petersburg. 2019 Publication and interview in the Art Magazine BRENDA. 2018  Personal exhibition at the gallery Jinete Azul. Madrid. 2016  Personal exhibition at the Barajas Cultural Center. Madrid. 2013  Exhibition in Center of the union of artists joint with the association of watercolorists of St.-Petersburg. 2012  “Parallax”. Group Show. London. 2012  “Masquerade”. Group Show. St.-Petersburg. 2011  “Vyborg”. Exhibition joint with the association of watercolorists of St.-Petersburg.